Yes, it’s Social Media! She popped out from the blue in different platforms and invaded our otherwise relatively solitary lives. Can you imagine having a thousand friends on Facebook, yet not knowing the names of any of your next-door neighbors!

Yep; Social Media is totally running our lives now. But it’s not all gloomy.

Created in the wake of a human race perpetually on the go—where everything is on fast-forward for no reason—she is doing a yeoman’s job, in conjunction with other apps, of paying our bills, sending our thoughts, monitoring sales and other necessary data, tracking objects, receiving payments and pretty much any other data and information-related thing you can think of—the perfect Lazy Bone’s errand girl.

But perhaps the greatest achievement of Social Media is her talent discovering capabilities. She has discovered more writers (not forgeting photograghers—yes, all the selfie-takers—and graphic artists—photo doctors) than all the publishing and media houses in the world put together!

From inspirational and educative to witty and humorous, from sarcastic or sardonic to arcane, the styles are nothing like the literary forms you may have encountered reading Harry Potter or Half of a Yellow Sun. The undeniable fact though, is that they are here to stay.

CAUTION: You don’t want to study the materials here for your school’s grammar test or literature exam!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you, Wild WILD WhatsApp and Other Social Media.

Let the fun begin.